What do men mean when they say “I got forced in a...

What do men mean when they say “I got forced in a relationship”

When a man says that he means that a woman manipulated a situation into being a relationship after the guy made it clear he didn’t want one at that time. He may have wanted it in the future but not at that point in time. Once a man admits to having feelings or loving a woman she gains a more powerful position in his life. Women often take advantage of this and virtually eliminate his single status by consuming all of his time. Chics will fuck a dude five or six days a week just to be around him every night. Because she knows that if he’s with her he isn’t with any other chic. After a few months a dude will pretty much lose all the chics he was messing with and since the chic he’s with everyday is pretty much his only source for sex she controls the situation and forces him to agree to be faithful to her because he clearly cares about her and doesn’t want to lose her as well. So I guess the appropriate way to describe what happens is the woman applies lots of leverage and ultimatums to make him commit to her. Happens all the time, especially if a child is involved.

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