Hustle like an immigrant

Hustle like an immigrant

I just learn that around 7% of multi-millionaire in America are immigrants from Scotland. I’m from Scotland so I’m very proud of my homies. I don’t know why but we love the hustle, I guess it’s in our DNA. Most of the big ballers I know are immigrants. Seriously, we just don’t give a fuck about killing ourselves because we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
People work for the “end game” but when you come in this country with nothing but 134$ dollars in your pocket, you don’t think about the “end game” and you don’t care about chilling. We personally don’t give a damn about retiring lol. All we care about is the scheming and the hustle.
I think the reason why we love so much the process of working like crazy is because we don’t have any amount of money in our head that could stop us to work. I think that’s why we win and that’s why we’re dangerous because you can’t buy us. Show me a check of 1 million dollar and I promise you; I will not even move my eyebrows for it. I really don’t care because I know that in 40 years, my bank account will be so GANGSTER that I’ll be able to whip my ass with your check. All I want is the hustle, the scheming and the planning because that’s how I’ll create my legacy for my kids, my wife and the future generations.

Maybe it’s because we came here with nothing so we didn’t have the choice to work our ass like a gang of hungry dogs. Most of us talk “ghetto” and most of us are a little bit too “raw” for the majority but that’s our style. You can hate us but you can’t ignore us because we know how to make things happen. You better take exemple of the “immigrant style” because the majority of wealth in North America is created by our silly ass. Hate it or love it, that’s what we do.


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